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How to connect wireless controllers to HTC Vive.

Method for connecting wireless controllers to HTC Vive virtual reality headset when buying new or losing connection.

Can’t connect controllers? Here’s how to do it!

If you’re having issues with your HTC Vive controllers, chances are they aren’t paired with your headset. In this case, the indicator on the controllers will glow blue and all that is needed in such a situation is to connect them again.

Connecting wireless controllers to HTC Vive.

If you’re setting up HTC Vive for the first time, both controllers are already connected to the headset. As described in the manual from HTC – controllers should automatically connect to the helmet when you first turn it on.

If for some reason, the HTC Vive controllers are not paired with the headset, you can use the following steps to reconnect them. This information will also be useful for those who have purchased new gamepads or reset their settings, since such settings are individual for each HTC device.

  • Open SteamVR.
  • Open the dropdown menu on your Steam VR desktop
  • Select Devices > Pair Controller.

Once you have accessed the controller’s pairing feature, here’s what to do:

  • Press the App and System buttons on the headset, which will put it into pairing mode. The blue light above the System button should start flashing.
  • Wait until the LED turns green and a beep is heard.

Once you hear the audio alert, check the confirmation message in SteamVR. After these steps, your controller should be successfully connected.


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