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How to lower the temperature of the phone in the Gear VR.

How to lower the temperature of the phone in the Gear VR headset using system settings and additional cooling. Phone fans – Pharaoh Technologies.

These tips can help if your phone is overheating while using it in Samsung Gear VR.

Nothing is more frustrating than overheating and turning off the phone in the middle of the game, at the most inopportune moment. Fortunately, there are several ways to get around this problem. Let’s consider several options.

System methods to reduce the heating of the phone.

  1. Charge your phone to the maximum and connect it to power from the adapter.
    When you charge your phone while playing games, it will get very hot. This is especially true if you are using fast charging mode.
    But if you make sure in advance that the battery is fully charged and then connect the adapter, the power will come from the network, thus you can avoid excessive heating of the battery, and hence the phone as a whole.
  2. Close additional applications.
    When multiple background apps are running on your phone, they consume both computing and energy resources. After closing all the applications that you are not currently using, the phone’s power will be concentrated only on processing the VR image.
  3. Turn on offline flight mode.
    To save your smartphone resources as much as possible, you can put it into an offline flight mode. In this mode, cellular communication and data transmission are turned off. WiFi is also turned off, but it can be additionally activated if you have to play online.
  4. Do not use the cover of the Gear VR headset.
    The cover can reduce glare if you’re playing in a sunny room, but it also makes it harder to dissipate the heat generated when running VR apps.
  5. Adjust the brightness of the display.
    Maximum screen brightness drains the battery faster and may contribute to heat build-up. And given that the phone in the headset is a few centimeters from the eyes, and even in complete darkness, the display brightness in Gear VR can be reduced very much and it will not be very noticeable in practice.

Accessories to reduce the temperature of the phone.

The above tips will help reduce the heating of the smartphone – but only indirectly. This may not be enough. If you use Gear VR in graphics-intensive applications, are a hardcore gamer who cares about the result in the game and the feeling of dominance over opponents, then you should definitely pay attention to devices for cooling your phone.

Panel with fan for Gear VR.

Quite a logical and expected solution for removing excess heat. If in headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR, the headsets themselves only serve as a display, then in the case of Samsung Gear VR, the entire computing process takes place directly in the phone and a lot of heat is generated. This state of affairs has created a demand for cooling devices for smartphones on the market.

There are not many smartphone cooler companies at the moment, but there are still several different cooling fans that can be attached to the back of the phone for cooling.

You can see some of the models below:

Pharaoh Technologies.

And how do you control the temperature of your smartphone when playing VR? Share your experience in the comments! This may help other users.

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