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How to properly wear your Oculus Rift to get the sweet spot.

For the best VR experience, check out some tips for wearing the headset correctly and getting the Oculus Rift sweet spot.

For the best VR experience, the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) must be properly put on.

If the Rift is not mounted correctly, then you may experience some problems when your eyes and headset lenses, for example, are not in the same plane. Also, a secure fit is especially important when using Rift touch controllers, as you will be moving around a lot and the headset may fall off.

How to get the best fit and sweet spot for your Oculus Rift.

Before putting on the Rift, for those with long hair, it is best to put them in a ponytail so that they do not interfere. Looking at the design of the headset strap, it is easy to determine exactly where to stick your hair. It is for this purpose that a triangular hole is provided, which is located behind the belt.

  • Loosen all Velcro fasteners.
  • Pull each strap away from the display. But not too much, so that they would not fly out completely.
  • Bend the built-in headphones up and away from the straps.
  • Put the headset on your head with both hands. If you wear glasses, it’s okay – just be as careful as possible – you don’t want your glasses to touch the lenses of the Rift and thereby scratch each other.
  • Pull up the top strap until the side straps are in a horizontal position. They don’t cover their ears.
  • Pull the side straps at the same time. But not too tight!
  • Then, tighten the top strap again until it begins to securely hold the headset in one position.
  • Turn the headphones over.

You will get the most out of the game only if the helmet does not press on your nose or cheeks. The weight of the headset must be supported by the straps. Once you have your Oculus Rift on, you can adjust your interpupillary distance. When an image appears on the display – use the slider on the bottom of the headset to achieve a clear picture and not feel any strain in your eyes.

If you see blurring in one of your eyes, then take the Rift with both hands and move it a little until the picture returns to normal.

Ready! Enjoy your game.

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