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Oculus Air Link – Quest to PC Wireless Connection Guide.

How to turn on and set up Oculus Air Link on Quest headset. What is needed for a good connection and how to troubleshoot.

The cable, which constantly got underfoot, was one of the significant inconveniences when playing in a virtual reality headset. For quite a long time, a third-party Virtual Desktop application helped to cope with this trouble.

And no matter how pessimistic the skeptics were, Oculus nevertheless decided on an official solution for wireless connection and launched Air Link. This functionality makes it very comfortable to play Oculus Quest and Quest 2 wirelessly.

We will discuss how to set everything up, how to achieve the proper connection quality and really enjoy the gameplay using the Oculus Air Link – we will discuss in this guide.

What is required for Air Link to have a good connection?

  • Oculus Quest 2 or 1. The first version of Quest also received wireless support on later firmware versions.
  • Gigabit WiFi router. You will need a router that operates at frequencies of 5 GHz and higher (Wi-Fi 5 and 6) and is in direct line of sight from the VR headset.
  • Gigabit cable to connect your PC or MAC directly to your router.
  • Quest and computer must be connected to the same router.

How to access Air Link on Quest headset?

To access the new Air Link feature, which is currently in Beta, you need to make sure you have the software update version 28 or later. And both in the headset itself and in the software for the PC.

  • The PC version of the software can be viewed in the Oculus app by going to Settings, opening the General tab. At the very bottom, the software version will be indicated.
  • In the headset itself, go to Settings, then to Information. If the firmware version is lower than 28, then it needs to be updated. To do this, you will need to connect Quest to your PC via cable and click Download update.

How to run Air Link on Quest headset?

Activate Air Link in Oculus software on PC.

  • To do this, open the Settings tab, then the Beta tab and enable Air Link.

It is worth clarifying that this function is often disabled by itself or after a reboot, so if something does not work, first of all we check if Air Link is activated on the PC.

Activate Air Link in the Quest headset.

  • Go to the Headset Settings and go down to the Experimental Features tab. After updating to firmware version 28, the required switch should appear.

If the Air Link function is not available even with version 28 of the software, then click on Reset experimental features. The headset will reboot and the option we need will become available.

  • Open the Quick Settings menu in Quest. A new window should appear in it – Air Link. Click on it and wait for the connection from the PC. If the search takes too long, then we check if the PC and headset are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and also turn Air Link off and on again in the Oculus app on the PC.

If everything went well, after clicking on Air Link, a list of computers to connect will appear. Select the one you want and click Connect.

Oculus Air Link gameplay and settings

After connecting, on the Quest screen you will see an unusual (for those who have previously used Virtual Desktop), but the native interface of Oculus.

Everything will work as with a wired connection, with the only difference being that the Air Link connection quality setting is available. In this setting, you can change the automatic bitrate detection to manual and set the value manually, if necessary.

This completes the Oculus Air Link setup and you can enjoy a new, wireless way to play VR games on your Quest headset!

Oculus Air Link Troubleshooting.

If after connecting to Air Link you observe unrealistic lags, then open the Oculus Debug Tool application (Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics) and set the Bitrate value to zero.

Also, while Air Link is activated, you will not be able to use the usual Oculus Link wired connection. To play via wired, you will need to disable Air Link in the Quest settings.

Official information about Air Link can be found on the Oculus website.

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