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The GuidetoVR.com website description and contacts.

When first introduced to VR, the user usually has a lot of questions about what can be done in a virtual reality headset.

What to watch, what to play, how to use and how to troubleshoot - these are natural questions that arise at the beginning of the journey for any VR enthusiast. The further attitude to virtual reality in general depends on how simple and interesting the first experience with VR headset will be.

What is our site for?

Paying attention to how the owners of a VR headset throw it on the shelf to gather dust, not having time to understand why it might be of interest to them or faced with the complexity of using it, we decided to make a portal that can answer any question about VR.

GuidetoVR.com was created to collect and structure information about new technology in one place. Our virtual reality site will help you not to get lost in the new but very fast growing VR industry or troubleshoot your VR headset.

Who are we and what do we want.

Everyone who works on the GuidetoVR.com information portal is extremely excited about the possibilities that appear with the advent of virtual reality in our lives. As regular users of VR headsets, we often encounter some difficult situations, finding a way out of which we share information about this with our readers.

Just like other VR fans, we are constantly looking for new content and unforgettable impressions from the time spent in another, yet new to most people, reality. Among the mountains of frank info-noise and not enough quality content, we select what we really want to share with others.

What you can find on our website.

Virtual reality has already come a long way in its development, but it is still far from being an essential item or a device that is sure to be on your desk, like a computer mouse. The main reason for this, we believe, is the lack of information in the public domain about what you can do in VR and how to solve the problem with the headset if it suddenly appeared.

Games and video content have always been a mainstay in the entertainment industry. Virtual reality is no exception. Whatever you have a question - what to play in a VR headset or what to watch in it, we have devoted separate sections of our website to these topics:

In addition, on our portal, you can always find a solution to your problem, both with setting up the VR device itself, and with the most common software troubles. To do this, we have created separate categories with a guide to the most common questions and problems with virtual reality headsets:

Our future.

Virtual Reality Troubleshooting website GuidetoVR.com will do its best to become a truly useful, informational resource for owners of VR, AR and MR headsets.

Thanks to your comments, as well as analyzing the information field around Virtual Reality, we will continue to collect useful information about the VR industry and try to attract as much attention as possible to it from new users.

If you have questions or suggestions, you can send them to us at [email protected].