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Which PS4 should I buy for PSVR? Pro, Slim or regular.

Playstation VR, one of the first VR headsets, requires a PS4 console. But which of the 3 models is better to buy? PS4 Pro, Slim or Regular?

Playstation VR: TV mirroring issue. Resolved.

If the PSVR is not mirroring on the TV, then this does not interfere with the gameplay, but indicates a problem with the hardware or software.

PlayStation VR – Cinematic Mode Features.

The use of the PlayStation VR headset is not limited to VR content. Cinematic mode allows you to play regular 2D games.

PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode – How to change screen size.

When using cinematic mode in Playstation VR, sometimes it may be necessary to change the screen size. Learn how to do it.

Playstation VR – How to watch 360 YouTube videos.

Everything you need to know about how to watch 360 and 3D 360-degree YouTube videos on your Playstation VR headset.

How to update Playstation VR to the latest firmware version?

To get the best virtual reality experience on Playstation VR, you need to stay tuned for software and firmware updates.

How to connect Playstation VR. Setup instructions.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up the Playstation VR and connecting to the Sony Playstation console for the first time.

How to deal with motion sickness on PlayStation VR.

Virtual reality may cause nausea or dizziness while playing. How to deal with motion sickness when playing PlayStation VR?