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Differences Samsung Odyssey from other Mixed Reality headsets.

WMR Samsung Odyssey – Mixed Reality headset, which differs from competitors not only in design, but also in functionality.

Using the term Mixed Reality, Microsoft most likely invested in it not mixing the virtual and real worlds in the form of augmented reality, but a slightly different concept. Purchasing an MR headset makes it possible to expand the experience of working with a Windows computer with new features.

When putting on the headset, your PC goes into virtual reality mode, but you can still control it with the usual mouse and keyboard, and when you flip the helmet up, the system immediately goes into normal mode. Thus, the effect of mixed reality is obtained – a single eco-system where the experience of conventional and virtual work is mixed.

Samsung Odyssey falls out of this paradigm, as it differs from other MR headsets. These differences give the headset both undeniable advantages and create some limitations, which we will discuss in this article.

Clear advantages of Samsung Odyssey.

The MR headset option from Samsung is considered a representative of the premium segment among other headsets, and there are good reasons for this. At the moment, this is the only model with a resolution of 2880×1600 instead of the standard 2880×1400.

2 separate displays for each eye, made using Samsung AMOLED technology, have a resolution of 1440×1600 pixels each. The use of an AMOLED matrix instead of IPS makes it possible to reduce the weight of the entire structure, as well as to transmit black color more efficiently, because screens based on this technology do not require additional backlighting.

Higher resolution displays and design features give this headset the highest viewing angle of the competition at 110 degrees. This allows you to capture more of the image transmitted to the screens with peripheral vision and get a better VR experience. And the voluminous AVG headphones located on the sides of the headset complement this experience with high-quality 3D sound.

When putting on the headset, it is possible to slightly pull the helmet itself away from the rim and thus fix it without loosening the fastening mechanism from the back. And if you need to change the sound volume, you can use the built-in volume rocker below. There is also a wheel for adjusting the distance between the lenses, to adjust the interpupillary distance for each specific user.

Samsung has invested in this headset all the experience gained in the process of developing glasses for the Gear VR phone, and also adopted the experience of other headsets. The method of fastening on the head, when almost the entire weight of the device falls on the user’s forehead, and the rim size is changed by the regulator at the back, is clearly taken from the PlayStation VR.

Limitations and disadvantages of Samsung Odyssey.

However, with all the pluses, the model from Samsung has some negative differences from its competitors. The main thing to pay attention to is that the Odyssey lacks a hinge that allows other models to flip the headset up without removing it from their heads.

If you need to look at the computer screen, you will either have to completely remove the headset or raise the entire structure to your forehead, which in turn is not very convenient and creates the possibility of soiling the lenses on your skin or hair.

The lack of a flip hinge makes the headset much more comfortable to use purely as a VR entertainment device for extended periods of time. But at the same time, it makes it impossible to treat it as a tool for full-fledged work with a PC.

It is also important that the headset does not have a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack headphone jack. Users are limited to using only the built-in headset and it is not at all a fact that it will suit everyone.

If you are not confused by the lack of a folding hinge and built-in headphones, then you have every right to agree with Samsung and Microsoft, who call this headset the first premium solution in the Mixed Reality line.

You can learn about other MR headsets, as well as their prices, from this article – Windows Mixed Reality: features and prices of different models.

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