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WMR applications for VR videos and Virtual travel.

Find out about applications for watching VR videos in a WMR headset and how to travel around the world in virtual reality.

Video in 3D and 360° perspective is really something great. You really feel that you are in the middle of the events that you are shown. And the presence of depth in the image, thanks to different pictures for each eye, allows you to understand what is happening much better.

Where to watch 3D VR videos, 360-degree movies and videos?

At the moment, many programs have already been released for viewing VR 360 video content in a Windows Mixed Reality headset, and all of them are able to give much more impressions than the two-dimensional monitor screen that everyone is used to.

Such a variety of VR players appeared for a reason. Volumetric videos open up new horizons for the creativity of authors. Using the ability to look in any direction, you can present stories about war, culture or history in a whole new light – plunging the viewer into the very epicenter of events.

Application for streaming VR video.

If you are interested in the fate of your favorite team from CS:GO, Dota, or you like to watch live concerts, then be sure to check out NextVR. This application will allow you to attend one game matches in the online stream mode and watch the development of events in a 360-degree perspective.

The standard Windows 10 Movies and TV app also works in WMR and can play content in 360 without any problems. In addition, this application can also be used to watch regular, 2D video, turning your headset into a huge cinema screen!

Travel around the world in virtual reality.

One of the most interesting features of virtual reality is traveling to different parts of the world without leaving your apartment.

Windows Mixed Reality is no exception, and using the HoloTour app, you can visit almost any place. From the top of Everest to the depths of the ocean. Using HoloTour, you can see any sights and beautiful places for free. Experience amazing emotions and even more want to go there in fact!

During the virtual journey, you will be accompanied by an electronic guide Melissa, explaining where you are now, what you see and what you should pay attention to. There are already many such applications and there will undoubtedly be more, but HoloTour will give a great idea of ​​what you can expect from VR travel.

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