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The best 3D 360 videos and VR movies for virtual reality.

We are glad to present to your attention a list of the best 3D 360 videos and VR movies for virtual reality that we found on YouTube.

All VR movies for virtual reality headsets are recorded in at least 4K quality, full 360 surround and most in 3D. You can watch them for free on YouTube. This article might be helpful – How to watch 360 YouTube videos in VR headset.

With the growing popularity of the VR industry, many people have started releasing content for virtual reality headsets.
On the one hand, this is very good, but on the other hand, a lot of low-quality and uninteresting 360 videos have appeared.

To help you sort through all the diversity and find really good VR videos, rides and VR movies that will give you a lot of positive emotions – we have done painstaking work, selected the most impressive ones and divided them into categories for your convenience!

You can watch these videos both in virtual reality headsets and in the browser – controlling the review with the mouse. But the best experience you can only get in a VR headset and with maximum video quality.

360 VR animal videos

Great white sharks 3D 360° 4K VR

3D video in virtual reality, in which great white sharks will swim around you, under the excited comments of the girl.

Excellent quality, new experience, complete immersion in VR reality, as well as some scientific data on the structure and habits of great white sharks – that’s what awaits you in this video clip!

Wild Animals 360° 4K VR 3D

See how wild animals behave in natural conditions as if you were nearby!
Excellent 3D 360 video about the animal world, filmed in high 4K resolution.

Watch bear, leopard, birds, butterfly migration and artiodactyls in a full VR environment.

Big blue whale 3D 360° 4K VR

Find yourself on a sunken ship lying at the bottom of the ocean. Around calm, silence, fish swim slowly and … A huge blue whale, which has become interested in your person.

View the magnificent view of the sunken ship and the big blue whale in full 360 VR mode and excellent quality!

Games 360 VR video

Infiltrator game demo with Ambisonic 3D 360° 4K 8K 60FPS VR sound

An Unreal Infiltrator demo for Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. Test rendering using the stereo panorama plugin.

In this 3D 360 video you can see what modern technologies are capable of! Crazy graphics in a full VR environment, causes undisguised delight among fans of the gaming industry. Watch in maximum quality and be sure to wear virtual reality glasses!

Rainbow Good Boy 360° 4K VR

The video is recorded as a gameplay of a game very similar to Sonic. The main character is a rainbow boy, running through the levels and collecting coins without much worries. Until the boss appears on the level … And it begins, do not believe it – the drama.

An excellent video in 360 environment, with music selected for what is happening on the screen and causing only positive emotions. For those who played Sonic, even a mean tear of nostalgia can well up.

Elemental Demo with Ambisonic audio 360° 4K VR 3D 60fps

This demo shows Unreal Engine 4 using DirectX 11. Really impressive when viewed with 3D glasses.

Although it can be seen that the demo version is rather raw, the possibilities of Unreal Engine 4 are amazing. In 360 perspective and excellent quality, what is happening looks in one breath.

360 VR video of nature and travel

Volcano in Virtual Reality 360° 4K VR 3D

A volcano explosion, rising ash clouds and flowing lava flows are some of the highlights that can be seen in this 360-degree 3D virtual reality movie.

Experience the full power of a volcano eruption in full VR presence! It will become a little clear what the inhabitants of ancient Pompeii felt…

Streets of London 360° 4K VR 3D

Take a virtual journey through the streets, squares and squares of London, with a total immersion in 3D 360 perspective!

If you have not yet been to the capital of England, then this is your chance to visit there, using new technologies. And if you have already visited, then why not refresh your memories?

Scotland 360° 4K VR 3D

See the beauty of summer Scotland in 360° virtual reality. From the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness and Eilean Donan Castle to landscapes of forest rivers and waterfalls.

Over 25 different views in 3D Virtual Reality will let you see Scotland in all its beauty. At the beginning of the video is a bit boring, but towards the middle of the video, really beautiful views begin.

360 VR video about interesting events

Alien – short story 360° 4K VR

A meteorite falls to the ground. The usual thing? Not quite – when there is a living alien in it, which begins to grow and destroy everything around!

A short video reveals the whole story of events. From falling to the ground, to… Great, fantastic mini movie in 360 perspective and amazing quality.

Anime girls rock 360° 4K VR 60fps 3D

An incendiary dance of animated girls from different anime to cool music. The video was filmed in full VR immersion and 360 perspective, so it’s a pleasure to watch it.

After reviewing the foreground several times, pay attention to what is happening behind. It turns out that events also take place +)

Cirque du Soleil Inside the Box of KURIOS 360° 4K VR 60fps

One of the performances of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, shot especially for you in 360 perspective!

The video is short, but there are so many interesting things happening at the same time that it’s impossible to evaluate the whole action in one view. Du Soleil knows how to surprise.

Dubstep in a virtual tunnel 3D 360° 4K VR

Journey through a virtual tunnel to bouncy dubstep in a full 3D 360 environment.

The tunnel changes colors to the music and acts as an equalizer. In some situations (read – states), a video clip can go very well.

Scary 360 VR videos

Creepy trailer for It 3D 360° 4K VR

Trailer for the horror film about the clown Pennywise – It. Although this video is a trailer for the film, it causes horror much more than the movie itself!

Filmed in 3D 360 perspective, this video will make you afraid to turn your head once again. Some will not be able to watch to the end – they will take off their helmet. And you can’t blame them for that, the video is really scary.

Stranger. Birth, through the eyes of a neomorph 3D 360° 4K VR

We have seen many times how the Alien is born, breaking out of the body of its host. But how does it work and look from the inside, through the eyes of the neomorph itself?

The whole process of “maturation” of a neomorph inside a person and how he sees this world, in an excellent video based on one of the scenes from the movie Alien – Testament. 360 video, in 3D execution and full immersion in VR!

We hope you enjoyed these videos and found what you were looking for!

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