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Skyrim VR Review: Reviving a Classic in Virtual Reality

Remember 2011? Ah, those were simpler times. That’s when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim first graced our screens. Fast forward to today, and this iconic game has been reimagined in various forms, including an enhanced edition and a Nintendo Switch version. But hold onto your helmets, adventurers, because Skyrim has now entered the realm of virtual reality. And let us tell you, it’s a game-changer.

Is Skyrim VR Worth the Hype?

When word got out that Skyrim VR was expanding its horizons from PlayStation VR to Steam VR—compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets—we couldn’t help but get excited. So, is this just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or does it bring something new to the table? We geared up with the HTC Vive Pro to find out.

The Same World, Yet So Different

Jumping into Skyrim VR, it’s clear that the core of the game remains unchanged. Yes, the graphics might feel a bit dated, and you’ll still encounter those awkwardly animated NPCs. But let’s be real: Skyrim’s essence is what makes it timeless.

While the original game was a modder’s paradise, the VR version also allows for various enhancements. So, if you’re not thrilled with the 2011 graphics, there’s a modding community ready to spruce things up for you.

Check out our Skyrim VR modding guides:

Immersion Level: Dragonborn

The story starts as you’d expect: you’re a prisoner on your way to the chopping block, only to be saved by a dragon’s fiery interruption. But experiencing this in VR? It’s like living a second life in Tamriel. The creatures of the Elder Scrolls universe are suddenly towering over you, making combat feel more visceral than ever.

Skyrim VR Review Reviving a Classic in Virtual Reality 2

Control the Adventure Your Way

Skyrim VR doesn’t skimp on customization. The game offers a plethora of settings to tailor your experience, from “realistic bow aiming” to “physical sneaking.” These aren’t just gimmicks; they genuinely elevate the level of immersion. Imagine physically ducking to sneak past guards or drawing a bowstring to slay a dragon—it’s as close to being the Dragonborn as you can get without a real dragon.

Movement Mechanics: Choose Your Style

Whether you prefer teleportation or traditional locomotion, Skyrim VR has you covered. The game even offers options to make movement smoother or more instantaneous, depending on your tolerance for VR-induced nausea. And for those who love the thrill of speed, the game employs a tunnel-vision technique to make sprinting more comfortable.

The VR Experience: A Double-Edged Sword?

Skyrim is known for its expansive world, which is both a blessing and a curse in VR. While the immersion is unparalleled, standing for hours in a virtual world can take a toll on your body. But let’s be honest: losing track of time because you’re so engrossed is a good problem to have.

Skyrim VR Review Reviving a Classic in Virtual Reality 3

The Joy and Pain of Looting

Ah, looting—the irresistible urge to grab everything not nailed down. Just like in the original, Skyrim VR lets you loot to your heart’s content, but be prepared for the familiar “overburdened” message. Quick save is your best friend here, especially when your kleptomaniac tendencies get you into trouble with the locals.

A Fresh Take on a Timeless Classic

Despite its age, Skyrim VR manages to breathe new life into the seven-year-old game. From spellcasting to dragon slaying, all the elements that made Skyrim a hit are here, but with an added layer of immersion. Even the menus and skill trees are a sight to behold in VR.

Skyrim VR Review Reviving a Classic in Virtual Reality 4

Minor Hiccups

During our playtime, we encountered a few minor bugs, such as disappearing inventory menus. But these were easily fixed and didn’t detract from the overall experience.

Final Thoughts: A VR Odyssey Worth Embarking On

Skyrim VR is more than just a port; it’s a new lens through which to experience a beloved classic. The game successfully marries the freedom and depth of the original with the immersion only possible in VR. So, whether you’re a Skyrim veteran or a newcomer eager to explore Tamriel, Skyrim VR offers an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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