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Top 10 Best and Must-Have Skyrim VR Mods for 2023

The top 10 must-have Skyrim VR mods of 2023. Dive into a comprehensive guide detailing each mod for an enhanced VR experience in Skyrim.

Virtual Reality has revolutionized the gaming world, and with the rise of VR, the modding community has been hard at work enhancing our favorite games. One such game that has benefited immensely from VR mods is Skyrim. Based on the content presented in a recent YouTube video by SoulBC, here’s a comprehensive guide to the top 10 Skyrim VR mods that you must have in 2023.

1. VRIK (VR Body)

  • Description: This mod allows players to see their full body in-game, not just the floating hands. It also introduces features like holstering weapons, wearing any fashion, and using gestures to minimize menu interactions. The mod improves physical animation, character kinetics, and hit detections.
  • Link: VRIK on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

2. Spell Wheel VR

  • Description: Enhances the magical experience in Skyrim VR. This mod introduces a spell wheel that allows players to select spells, weapons, shields, potions, and other modded items. It also includes a wristbar to monitor health, stamina, and magicka.
  • Link: Spell Wheel VR on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

3. Durability VR

  • Description: Adds a degradation feature where items degrade over time and can be repaired. This mod enhances immersion and prevents players from exploiting high-quality weapons and armor.
  • Link: Durability VR on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

4. Immersive Smithing

  • Description: Allows players to create their own weapons and armor. The mod scales with the player’s smithing level and requires a blacksmith’s hammer to craft. It also adds immersive elements such as requiring the player to be near a forge or a tanning rack to craft items.
  • Link: Immersive Smithing on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

5. Blade and Blunt

  • Description: Discusses the advantages of using certain types of weapons against the undead. The mod enhances the effectiveness of weapons like axes against the undead and introduces new combat mechanics.
  • Link: Blade and Blunt on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

6. SpellSiphon and Conduit

7. Campfire

  • Description: A mod that can be used with the game Frostfall. It allows players to build a campfire setup, search for resources, and advance skills through skill trees. It also tracks hunger, thirst, fatigue, and hypothermia.
  • Link: Campfire on NexusMods
  • Video Reference: Watch the segment

8-9. Seasons of Skyrim & Turn of the Seasons

10. 4th Unknown’s Armor and Weapon Mods


Skyrim VR offers an immersive experience, and with the right mods, you can elevate that experience to a whole new level. These top 10 mods, as recommended by SoulBC, are essential for any Skyrim VR enthusiast. Don’t forget to support the mod creators by endorsing their work on NexusMods.

For more insights and detailed discussions on these mods, watch the full video by SoulBC here.

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