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Gear VR Wireless Controller – Everything you need to know.

The Samsung Gear VR has a handheld controller called the Gear VR Controller that provides even more flexibility in games and apps.

Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Oculus, the Gear VR was the first smartphone-based VR headset with controls built right into the side of the case. This design allows for many unique control mechanisms found in hundreds of fun games and applications available to all users.

Just like the headset itself, the control mechanism has improved over the generations. But some restrictions can be removed only by purchasing a separate gamepad.

Samsung has a wireless gamepad called the Gear VR Controller that provides even more flexibility in games and apps.

What can the Samsung Gear VR controller do?

When using the Gear VR, the controller becomes a replacement for positioning and selecting menu items normally performed using a phone’s gyroscope while wearing a headset.

Looking down, you will see the joystick itself in VR and the laser pointer coming out of it. You can interact with objects without turning your head towards them, aim in games, move in virtual space and much more.

The Samsung Gear VR is a small Bluetooth controller that weighs next to nothing.

At the top is a small trackpad for thumb control; trigger on the front panel for shooters; the main controls for Gear VR are on top of the device. The volume rocker is slightly recessed to make it easy to find, and the Home and Back buttons are just as easy to touch.

What games support the Gear VR controller?

Oculus says there are over 70 games in development for the Gear VR controller. Also, all released games that currently work with the touchpad of the headset itself support the controller. View around the sides in virtual reality, it will be possible to carry out with the trackpad on the controller, and not by turning your head.

It’s important to note that not all existing games will have access to all Gear VR Controller features. Like using a laser pointer to select items or using a controller to interact with items, at least until games are updated to support the new controller.

Gear VR Wireless Controller vs Google Daydream Controller.

Google’s Daydream controller is similar to the new Gear VR controller, but there are some interesting differences. The Gear VR controller has a trigger button not available on the Daydream controller, instead using a button below the trackpad.

The design of the Gear VR controller allows it to be used as a pistol in VR shooters. The Samsung is also slightly thicker than the DayDream Control, which is more comfortable in the hand combined with a more ergonomic design.

How long does the Gear VR controller last?

The Gear VR controller runs on a pair of AAA batteries and does not have a separate charging port. Samsung claims it will last up to 80 hours before the batteries have to be replaced.

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