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How to fix PlayStation Aim controller tracking issues.

Tracking issues with the Playstation Aim controller can cause crosshair shift in the game. Here are a few ways to avoid this.

One of the most frustrating situations that can happen while playing with a PlayStation Aim controller is the sight drifting and deviating from the original calibration. It is extremely unpleasant when, due to a mismatch between the sight and the joystick itself, it becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible, to hit the target.

If this has happened to you, then you are well aware of the pain and frustration associated with controller drift when you are in the middle of a game. This problem is very annoying, but there are several ways to practically eliminate this effect.

What is controller deviation?

Controller drift occurs when PlayStation VR doesn’t see the location of your controllers and can pinpoint exactly where they actually are. At this point, you begin to notice how the crosshair in the game slowly shifts to the side, even when you are standing still. This is a fairly common problem on VR systems, and the PlayStation Aim controller is no exception.

Spontaneous deflection of the sight is not always pronounced, and to determine such a problem, it is necessary to direct the sight to a certain, well-distinguished place and stand still for some time. If you’re noticing that your crosshair is starting to move relative to stationary objects, then it’s probably time to take some action. And even if this does not happen, it will be useful for you to know how to fix it in case such a nuisance appears in the future.

What to do if the sight moves?

If you have begun to notice that the position of the crosshair or weapon in the game does not match the position of the controller – there are a few things you can do to solve this problem. Luckily, some of the solutions won’t even require you to turn off your VR headset.

Game space.

The first thing to do if you start noticing controller deflection is to check your playspace. PlayStation VR works best in an environment where the lights on your headset and controller are easily visible. In the presence of bright lights or reflective surfaces, the PlayStation Eye camera may lose sight of the light beacons on the PSVR headset and accessories. Spending a few minutes setting up your space before playing can help you avoid problems in the future.

You can learn more about setting up the room and the most comfortable lighting for the game in this article:

Low battery.

Second, you need to check the battery level of your Aim controller. If you’ve been playing for quite some time, or if you’ve been unable to charge your controller with use, then the problem may simply be a low battery. You can check the charge level by pressing the PS key and if the battery is low – just take a short pause and charge the device before further use. During charging, the glowing ball on the controller will flash slowly and stop when the charge is full.

Recalibration in the game itself “on the fly”.

In some games, regardless of the quality of the lighting and the arrangement of the playing space, after a long game, the position of the controller will go astray a little. Trying to fix this as quickly as possible will allow the short-term hiding of the luminous ball – indicator from the camera’s field of view. You can take the gun to the side, or you can just hide it behind you. After that, an automatic recalibration will take place.

Also, some games have their own calibration of the PlayStation Aim controller, using a certain combination of keys or briefly holding the PS key.

Do you often face this issue?

The PlayStation Aim controller delivers incredible immersion and a whole new gaming experience, but calibration issues can be a pain. Perhaps you have already encountered this and have your own unique solution to the problem? Write about it in the comments! Information like this can be of great help to other PlayStation VR users.

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